Image #246 – Tango in Ferndale

So, some of Tango’s fans wanted to know where he was on the recent trip to Ferndale. We offered him a spa day but he insisted on coming along.  He enjoyed the blacksmith shop a lot.SAMSUNG CSC

Here he is sitting next to some cool tables made from old water meter covers.









And then he had a little sit down in a nice shady seat.  Tango is never too far away from me. He’s having a grand time. ❧




One thought on “Image #246 – Tango in Ferndale

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  1. Make room in the van to bring me back a table that has a New Orleans meter cover on it. Would be a great up at the mountain cabin since Michele (my daughter-out-law is from NOLA) Or call and ask how much $ to have one shipped to Atlanta. Just ask Alice for her phone. It is a smart phone and you are a brilliant dog so you should be able to do it with no problem. Missing you here. Eddie is bored without you to hassle. Oh, miss Alice too.

    Big Hug M


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