Fawn Hill – A New Adventure Begins

It has been quite a year but on Friday, December 14th there was a definite high note.  On that day my sister and I acquired an acre of land in Franklin, North Carolina.    The land has a large (3 bedroom, 2 bath) modular home, a shed, a satellite dish, three apple trees, and a backyard with a zealous population of poison ivy.

Our new home on Fawn Hill
Our new home on Fawn Hill

It sits on Fawn Hill.  The elevation is about 2,000 feet.  A nice change from sea level. At the top of the Hill lives my friend Boni and her partner Gail plus Gail’s cousin Suzy and Boni’s 90+ mother, Lola.  Boni and Gail acted as our agents at the auction.  Doris and Bob also live on Fawn Hill. We haven’t met them yet. They showed up at the auction  to make sure no riffraff bought the place.  I hope we pass muster.

I’ve dreamed of owning some land for a long while.  The four properties that I’ve owned have all been condominiums.  Where there are condos there are Boards of Directors.  It is wonderful to think of owning a home and land that has just two restrictions:  1)  keep the right of way open to the neighbors, and 2) don’t build a mobile home park.  No problem.

Marty, Gail & Boni on the right-of-way to Fawn Hill. Our new place is on the left.

Closing will be around the end of the year.  There are ten days for an “upset bid” to be made.  We’re hopeful that won’t happen but we’re pretty sure the riffraff won’t upset the process.  ☙

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