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The author in India, 2005.Thanks for visiting my blog site.  My name is Alice and throughout my life I have heard others exclaim “Alice in Wonderland!”  Guilty as charged.  I may not be the original Alice in the blue dress but, at times, I have felt much like the young girl who fell down the rabbit hole.  I have been fortunate to have a rich, full life.  There have been many adventures some of which have already been chronicled in Marijuana Rx: The Patients’ Fight for Medicinal Pot which I wrote with my late husband Robert Randall.  In 1976, Robert became the “father” of the medical marijuana movement in the U.S. when he legally obtained access to federal supplies of marijuana to treat his glaucoma.

Robert died in 2001 and for a while I felt like the woman in Nanci Griffith’s moving song, “A Clock Without Hands.”  But with time my new path started to emerge. I returned to school and became a nurse so that I could work with hospice.  I worked with hospice for nearly seven years before retiring.

I had been away from the medical marijuana movement for more than a decade and much had changed. I began getting calls to give speeches and write articles about the history of the movement.  I returned as a “pioneer” but found a whole new life awaited me. I never imagined I would have such a fulfilling life after retirement. You can learn more about that at aliceolearyrandall.com and also medicalmarijuanapioneer.com.

It has been a fine, exciting, and generous life.  I hope you, the readers, agree.

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  1. You told me not long after you had earned your nursing degree and immersed yourself in hospice work that you felt it was what you were born to Be … my home has hosted three hospices in <five years, know well that it takes a special person properly tend to those 'late in LIfe' ….

    Yes, your Life has indeed been 'exciting & generous'


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