Image #50 – Blue Chanterelle mushroom

Image #50Okay, I’m not entirely sure I have identified this mushroom properly but it’s close and don’t you just love that name?  Blue Chanterelle … it is evocative of  mystery even though a search for chanterelle reveals nothing more than what it is — “an edible mushroom/fungi.”  What is remarkable about this mushroom is it’s delicacy and vulnerability. In this case it is growing on a bed of moss in a friend’s yard. As we approached and she revealed it to me I had to re-focus not only my eyes but my brain because to me it was nothing more than a bit of detritus on the moss. You can see the moss clearly, looking like ferns in this tightly focused macro shot. The mushroom was about 2.5 inches high and there were several scattered about the area. So delicate and yet so vibrant.  Wonderful to see.☙

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