Image #79 – Well, maybe not all briars ….

Image #79You know how it is.  Just when you make a strong statement about … well, almost anything…life throws you the exception and there you are eating crow.  So, that’s me today.  In my blog yesterday I ranted and raved about how I hate briars.  And I do. But then I was reviewing these pictures from yesterday and what do I spot?  Briars!  Tiny but, nevertheless, briars.  It is, in fact, a Sensitive Briar or Littleleaf Sensitive-briar (Mimosa microphylla).  The bee gives you a clue to its sizeIt grows down our hillside in an overgrown patch that needs some attention but I’m unsure what kind of attention it needs.  For the moment it is a pleasant enough area for wildflowers to occupy. The bees are very happy with the arrangement.  This particular bee was one of several varieties I saw. Not all the various kinds of bees would come to this particular flower. There were different varieties of flowers and the bees had their favorites. This bee returned again and again to this flower.  And why not? It’s one briar I think I could love.  Yin-yang, my friends.☙

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