Image #83 – The North Carolina State Turtle … who knew?

Image #83

As I do these blogs I try to make them interesting and informative. Not just to my readers but also to myself.  And that is how I have learned that North Carolina has a state turtle. To be precise, the Eastern Box Turtle. I learned this because an Eastern Box Turtle, specifically the one pictured above, was walking across my yard on Sunday so, of course, I took pictures. And then I looked up turtles on the internet and learned about North Carolina’s official state turtle.  On the N.C. Secretary of State’s website I found the following:

The turtle is one of nature’s most useful creatures. Through its dietary habits it serves to assist in the control of harmful insects and as a clean-up crew, helping to preserve the purity and beauty of our waters. The turtle has adapted well to modern conditions and has existed virtually unchanged since prehistoric times. The turtle is really a culinary delight, providing the gourmet food enthusiast with numerous tasty dishes from soups to entrees.

The turtle watches undisturbed as countless generations of faster “hares” run by to quick oblivion, and is thus a model of patience for mankind, and a symbol of our State’s unrelenting pursuit of great and lofty goals.

The General Assembly of 1979 designated the Eastern Box Turtle as the official State Reptile for North Carolina. (Session Laws, 1979, c. 154).”

I guess the turtle only “watches undisturbed” if he/she is lucky enough to live in an area that doesn’t bask in its “culinary delights.”

Probing deeper I learned, once again thanks to the internet,  that nineteen states have an official state turtle. Not to be out done, Florida has two–the gopher tortoise and the loggerhead tortoise–thus paying homage to inland and coastal residents.

Who knew all this turtle stuff was going on out there? It gives one hope, honestly. ☙

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