Image #87 – Cinnabar-red Chanterelle?

Image #87Backyard naturalists everywhere agonize over the process of identifying their sightings. It would seem that capturing an image of something–flower, bird, tree, mushroom–would make identification easy but it doesn’t. This beauty (above), making a second appearance in this blog (see “Tonight, Under the Big Top“), had me stumped for a while. But I think it is a chanterelle. Yesterday’s image did not reveal the classic trumpet shape that chanterelles adopt. This mushroom is standing nearby the first and clearly has the chanterelle trumpet shape developing.

One can argue, “Who cares?”  Post the picture and move on. Given my inability to retain very many names of the natural wonders around us I can almost go in that direction. Post the picture and move on.  But these wonders are just that…wonders.  And it seems …respectful to at least make a stab at getting the name right. I encourage, and even welcome, confirmation or correction. ☙

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