Image #112 – Dead Butterfly

Image #112

Some time ago I posted a blog called “Dead Hummingbirds.”  Over time it has been among the biggest draws to my blog.  I can’t imagine who is Googling for “Dead Hummingbirds” but stats don’t lie…right?

Today I present a dead butterfly, most likely a swallowtail variety. Friends and frequent readers will know that I worked in hospice for six years and I can already hear a few of them — “Leave it to Alice to find a dead butterfly.”  Maybe it is a cosmic, spiritual link that leads me to these things. I mean, how many people have found a dead hummingbird on their front yard?  Dead butterflies are easier to find. I have numerous pictures of various wing parts, shattered on some roadway or forest floor. This particular butterfly was on a dirt road, somewhere near Franklin.  I was sitting, almost laying on the road trying to get a shot of the “Broken Hearted Tree“.  As I went to get up there was the remains of this butterfly.  Such a small bit of a beautiful thing. How could I not take a moment to acknowledge and photograph it?

“All things must pass,” sang the great George Harrison. It is an important thing to remember.☙

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