Image #138 – By Special Request …

Image #138

A friend sent me an email today, via LinkedIn, and it said, “”you post wonderful photos! would you take one of your pets too please…”  Well, I am more than happy to oblige. Here’s one of Tango from last spring. We’re at Myakka River State Park.  My cat, Rainbow, wasn’t too keen on having a dog but she has warmed to Tango’s charm. He’s become her big brother and she’ll often look to him as if to ask “What’s up? Is it safe?”  For those friends on Facebook you can find a lot more pictures of Tango in my Tango and friends photo album.  There will be more of Tango and Rainbow as time progresses. I’ve decided to spend most of winter in N.C. and neither of them has experienced snow.  That should be a real photo op!  Will be in Florida for the Christmas holiday and I have a speaking engagement in Sarasota on January 2nd. So I’ll probably spend a month or so on the West Coast but then it is back to this magical place is the Nantahala Forest. I want to experience the seasons again and there is more but that will be shared another time.

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