Image #149 -Little Tennessee River Greenway

Image #149

Running through Franklin’s rather erratic downtown area is a lovely stretch of land known as the Greenway which is maintained by the delightfully acronymed group – FROGS.  Friends of the Greenway (FROGS) maintain the paths, weeding out invasive plants along the five mile stretch while also providing a comfy headquarters with coffee shop and books. The park meanders along several miles of the Little Tennessee River. During a walk last week I snapped this photograph.  As the trees continue losing their leaves there are new designs emerging from the dense growth. The trees become dancers against the wintering sky. Soon all the leaves will be gone and these trees will stand naked and exposed. Yet, remarkably, they are safer that way. Leaves are heavy, so is snow and ice.  Exposed limbs have a better chance of surviving the onslaught of winter. Nature is remarkable. ❧

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