Image #177 – Ghosts of Christmas Past

Alice and Bob - Christmas 1995
Alice and Bob – Christmas 1995

As we age Christmas becomes more and more about Christmas past.  It’s inevitable. Even as we enjoy the love and company of family and friends in the present day our thoughts seem to drift backward in time. Memories–so many memories–abound in the ornaments on the tree, the special clothes that come out of the closets and drawers, the feasts we prepare in our kitchens and the presents we place under a tree. Even if we are fully rooted in the here-and-now the past comes a’calling.  And it’s not a bad thing.  After all, those happy memories are the stuff from which love is made.

This picture is nearly twenty years old and is one of the happiest Christmas’ I can recall. My late husband, Robert, had survived a series of devastating illnesses that year (1995).  Just three months before, on Labor Day, the doctors thought he would be gone in less than two weeks.  But he pulled through and we would have another five Christmas celebrations together.  Each one is dear to me and made this Christmas all the better because of the happy memories.  ❧

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