Image #206 – Holiday Inn circa 1950 – #2

Image #206

This old motel in north Georgia has stayed in my mind. I posted a shot several days ago (Image #202) but I keep returning to the dozen or so pictures I have from the site.  Photography is an art but it is also a science or technology. Sometimes everything works brilliantly and the image you capture is exactly what your “photographic eye” saw. But other times it is so elusive. These motel shots are close to what my photographic eye saw that day but close is only good in horseshoes or with hand grenades (so I’ve been told…I’ve never tried either one).  It is a haunting place and perhaps that is the vagueness that I feel about the pictures.

But with technology today it is easy to change a picture and get closer to what you want. Sometimes there are too many choices and it is easy to get lost in “post production.”   But it can get an image closer to what is in your mind’s eye. Stripping the color and boosting the contrast helped. Not perfect but better. ❧

Image #206 B&W

Image #205 – American Goldfinch – ready for spring

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

The seasons are beginning to change and signs of spring abound. This lovely female American Goldfinch is showing her new spring suit, looking for a mate.  I have no doubt there will be plenty of suitors. ❧