Image #227 – Tango and the Bronco

Tango and the Bronco

That’s Tango behind the wheel of a classic Ford Bronco.  I chose this picture to inaugurate a new category, Travels with Tango, which will become a staple on this site in coming weeks. Tango will be my co-pilot on a cross-country trip and you can bet there will be lots of pictures.

I’m heading to Oregon for the 8th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics sponsored by Patients Out of Time.  I’ll be speaking on the history of the issue at a pre-conference meeting for nurses. There are some great papers that will be presented at the meeting from a number of international researchers. Patients Out of Time has been at the forefront of cannabis therapeutics education and they deserve a lot of credit for their consistent focus on education.

Along the way I will be stopping in Columbia, Missouri to speak at the statewide Show Me Cannabis conference on April 26th and from there I will head to Denver where I hope to meet with many people and learn about Colorado’s medical marijuana program as well as the general legalization that was implemented this year.

Becoming re-engaged in the medical marijuana issue is fascinating and I plan to write about my adventures, what I learn and how I feel about the current state of affairs. For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing I encourage you to visit and follow my other (new) blog Writings of a Medical Marijuana Pioneer.  I want to keep the mellow site that it has become so I will refrain from any medpot postings here. But stay tuned for lots of happy pictures from across this great county.  Oregon here we come! ❧


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