Image #98 – Rainbow in the orchard

Image #98

That’s my cat, Rainbow, sitting in the apple orchard on Fawn Hill. Rainbow loves it here. She follows me around in the yard and will sit or lie down and watch me work. At times she will strike out on her own and explore the surrounds.  After a rocky start she and Tango seem to have bonded. She looks to him for clues and will quickly return to the house if he adopts a defensive pose at something or someone he doesn’t know. They will touch noses and she rubs against him in that way cats have.  At my last residence, because of condominium rules, I had to keep Rainbow inside.  She and I are in agreement, this is better. ☙

At last! A job for the cat

Everyday I visit the Free Kibble website ( where they have an amusing trivia question about cats and dogs. Play the game and 10 pieces of Kibble are donated to rescue animals.  You don’t even have to get the right answer and 10 Kibble bits are donated.  What have you got to lose?

My cat - Rainbow.
My cat – Rainbow.

In today’s FreekibbleKat question I learned that for a year, a cat named Orlando chose stocks by throwing a toy at stock choices… and made more profit than the pros! Perhaps that explains the recent upturn in the market. The pros have stepped aside for the paws.

Now, all I have to do is teach  Rainbow, my cat, how to throw her toys… or I could keep buying the lottery tickets.

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