Image #100 – Growing Up is Hard (9/6)

Image #100

My feeders are overwhelmed with fledglings, young birds trying to learn the intricacy of living. They remind me so much of young toddlers.  Watching a toddler get command of his or her legs is not much different than watching a young bird learn how to use his wings.  They fly in and hover by the feeders, unsure how to make the final approach, often missing the landing perch again and again. Once they do find the perch they begin to eat and are reluctant to leave. They do not yet comprehend the dangers in life and the need to flee. This little fellow above is a perfect example. All the other birds flew away when I walked onto the porch, but not this guy. I was able to walk up to feeder and get within a few feet of this young finch and snap this picture. He never moved. I have literally watched fledglings fall asleep on the the feeder, their beak in the trough like a toddler asleep in his oatmeal. It’s dear and entertaining. I wish them luck but know that many won’t make it. But, then again, that is true of us all. ☙

Image #90 – On the brink …

Image #90It has been a joy to watch fledglings mature to almost adulthood. This picture is a perfect example.  A juvenile, female red cardinal, I’ve watched her parents fly in and out of the feeders on an endless gravy train run of food to their chicks. Later the parents brought the young birds to the feeders where I would watch tender feedings from adults to fledglings.  Soon the parents made it clear it was time for the young ones to stand on their own and so they have.  This young female is poised on the brink of adulthood. Perhaps she’ll join a migration southward or maybe cardinals “tough it out” in the North Carolina winter. I haven’t been here long enough to know and, since I don’t plan to be here in the winter, I’ll probably never know.  We can’t know the minutiae of life’s cycle, only the broad strokes.  She is vibrant and ready to take on life.  Good luck to her. ☙

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