Image #215 – How are you lichen it?

SAMSUNG CSCLichen and mushrooms like to hang out together but they are different. Since I am without my reference books I can’t say definitively what all of those lovely colored beings are.  Mushrooms are the fruiting body of fungus while lichens are composite beings that have fungi and a photosynthetic partner growing together in a symbiotic relation. (Thank you Wikipedia.)  The pale green and the red & white growth are definitely lichen. But the tan colored growth has me stumped.  There are mushrooms that are similar to this so …. ?  This bark is on an old oak tree in the oak grove that I featured a couple of posts back (Oak Cathedral). ❧

Image #42 – These are the voyages of the Starship …

Image #42After photographing the Indian Pipes last night I started home and caught sight of a majestic tree fungus/lichen. I snapped a couple of pictures with the iPhone which were adequate but we returned this morning and photographed both the Indian Pipes and fungus/lichen (pictured above) with the Nikon. It was a good session and I will post more in coming days.

This magnificent being is growing on the side of a tree and is stunning in its color against the dark backdrop of the forest. My field guides are still packed in a box, enroute on a moving truck so I can’t begin to tell you what this is but my imagination sees the Starship Enterprise.  What about yours?☙

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