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Image #29The super moon of 2013 occurred this past weekend.  I was able to grab some photos of the event from the front yard of my new home in Franklin, NC.  Arriving on June 21, the summer solstice, the “Super Moon” happened the next night and, as you can see, we had nice clear skies.

Pulling up stakes and moving on is always daunting.  I can recall a period during my college years when I moved every six months but I was in my twenties then and what I owned fit in a VW beetle.  At worse I was faced with two trips in the VW.  Today, at 65, things are quite a bit different.  The move did give me the opportunity to “lighten the load” but there is still a very sizeable quantity of “stuff” on its way to NC.

I won’t bore you with another essay on “stuff.”  Rather I will cut to the chase — moving is scary business. As a species we seem to abhor change which is ironic because life is nothing but change.  This move came about in fits and starts and as I sit here in a relatively empty double-wide trailer, on the side of a hill in a town I can barely find the center of, I will readily admit to wondering what in the world am I doing here? The answer is simple.  I am living my life and a part of me has always wanted to live in these hills and enjoy their wonders.  Life presented me with a chance to do that and I have seized the moment.  It pleases me that things seemed to conspire so that my arrival was on the solstice and that the universe presented such a wonderful show on my second night in my new home. Where will the next solstice find me?  ☙

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