Image #199 – A Wintery Sky

Image #199What an incredible winter this has been. On the news tonight I learned that Chicago is likely to break the record that has been in place since 1885 for the longest period of below zero days.  The joke in Chicago is -20 is the new 40.  How awful.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have decided to leave it all behind and visit Florida for a few weeks.  I have gotten out of Dodge just in time.  The heavy snow has already started in the mountains. I’m half way to my Florida destination, spending the night in Valdosta, Georgia.  The most amazing part of today’s drive was the endless convoys of electric company repair trucks heading north.  Easily a couple of hundred trucks and some of them sported other vehicles “hitching” a ride. These looked like National Guard vehicles.  Looks like a rough time ahead.

This picture was shot last night from my back porch. There is some adage about a ring around the moon being a bad omen.  It seems that might be the case. ❧

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