Dew on spider web

Dew on web2.2 (1)
Dew drops on spider web

Like a vast number of Americans I have traveled “home for the holidays.”  Last Wednesday I packed up the dog and cat, a few clothes and the usual vast array of tech items (cameras, computers, etc.) and set off for Sarasota, Florida where I will stay for at least three weeks.  It is a bit strange to be back here after six months in North Carolina. The urban nature of this ever-growing Gulf Coast city is overwhelming as is the vast wealth that is conspicuously on display.  It is offset by the warmth and love of family and friends but is, nevertheless, a reminder of why I have made the decision to live full-time in Carolina for a while.

My images for the next couple of weeks will be a hodgepodge of old and new.  I discovered an extensive file of old photos on the laptop and will pull some from that source. The above is an example. This is some of my first serious macro work.  I’m not sure of the date but I think it is around 2006. I had just gotten a Canon 60mm macro lens and went to one of my favorite haunts, Carlton Preserve, early in the morning. The dew had settled on the hundreds of spider webs that littered the trees and shrubs, even on the grass. This is a photo of the dew drops on a web. ❧

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