Image #235 – Wyoming Hills

Wyoming Hills near Green River
Wyoming Hills near Green River

My westward journey continues. After a wonderful week in Denver, Colorado, Tango and I are once again in route to Portland, Oregon. I chose to go around the Rockies rather than over them. There is still quite a bit of snow at the higher elevations.  One route that I hoped to take in Wyoming — the Snowy Range Rd. — was closed because there is still 6 feet of snow at the peak. Flurries are forecast for Wednesday in Green River, where we stopped for the night.

But today was a good travel day. Things were very mild for the first part of the trip. As we headed further north into Colorado the terrain became more rugged and we stopped for a brief excursion. Tango had great fun on the rocks.

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Once we got past the northern most point of the Snowy Mountain range the winds began to pick up and soon the warning signs were advising drivers with light trailers to seek alternative routes.  I’m not sure there are alternative routes. The signs warned of 35mph+ winds but, honestly, after my experience in Kansas last Monday it all seemed rather tame.  What doesn’t kill us does make us stronger. ❧

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