Day 2 with WordPress – Don’t try hard, try easy.

It’s Day 2 with my new WordPress account and, as the saying goes, there is a learning curve. I’ve been struggling with efforts to load WordPress on to my Mac in order to work offline with developing pages, posting pictures, etc.  But the fact of the matter is that I don’t need to do that.  Obviously I can write and post from within WordPress online.  So, the goal is to follow some advice that I learned a long time ago while working on a children’s play, “Don’t try hard, try easy.”

It’s good advice.  Humans very often try too hard when easy will do just as well.  Obsessive to a fault we simply lose sight of the objective and become very entangled with details.  So, stepping back for a moment, I asked myself “What is the objective?”  Am I trying to learn Apache and MySql? Do I need to revisit the world of HTML and FTP?  I’ve been there before and it is all very fascinating.  But what is my objective now?

The answer is to learn a bit about WordPress and see where it will take me.  For years I have posted on my iWeb account.  After struggling in the early days of web site construction (late 1980s and early 1990s) I was delighted as programs emerged that simplified the process of posting a page on the Web.  Microsoft’s Publisher was a huge advance at the time and allowed me to construct a relatively complex website for the non-profit organization that my husband and I founded in the early 1980s — Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT).  More on that story another time.

After my husband’s death in 2001, I switched to the Mac and the wonderful world of iLife and its various components. iWeb was (and is) a wonderfully easy web page development program.  But over time I became disillusioned with its limitations, especially with respect to photographic pages.  I wanted something that I could post to easily and quickly.  I wanted something that will allow me to combine my two loves — writing and photography.  I’ve heard that WordPress might be the place.

Time will tell.  For the next few days (and maybe weeks) my plan is to “play” with this site.  Get some folks to follow the postings and let me know what they think.

It is a work in progress….

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