Image #30 – Rainbow Meets the Front Yard

Image #30 (1)That’s my cat, Rainbow, getting acquainted with the front yard at our new home in Franklin, NC.  I took picture with the iPhone…just so you know my photographic skills have not completely abandoned me.  🙂

Yesterday my post was about the process of moving at the advanced (!) age of 65.  My critters — Rainbow the Cat and Tango the Dog — have also experienced the upheaval of moving and, bless their hearts, they bore up very well.  On moving day, June 21, we got a very early start, departing Sarasota at 4 a.m.  Rainbow, caged in the back part of the van, cried all the way to the Georgia border.  It was finally light enough that I felt comfortable in pulling over in a rest stop and, after walking the dog, I took Rainbow out of her cage and sat in the doorway of the van with her in my lap.  Then I climbed into the back seat, closed all the doors and took a nap while Rainbow explored the van on her own.  Tango, as always, was totally non-plussed and took a nap with me.  Twenty minutes later we were on our way.  Rainbow was a bit quieter but the true cat relaxer was the soothing tones of Edward Hermann reading “Unbroken,” a fascinating book by Lauren Hillenbrand.

My point?  Pets, like us, have trouble with change.  Cats are notorious for hating change.  Dogs, ever eager to please, put up with a lot just to get that scratch behind the ears. But you can see the stress in Rainbow’s eyes in this picture.  Today was her biggest excursion to date — she ventured beyond the front yard to the adjoining woods. Of course I worry about what she might find there, what trouble lurks in the cool darkness. But just as I explore my world I think critters have the right to explore theirs. There may be trouble … it comes in life. But Rainbow returned safe and sound, her countenance more relaxed, her posture more at ease.  They are both asleep at my feet.  Tango, as usual, seems engaged in vivid dreams. Rainbow is stretched out and relaxed.

Life is good. ☙

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