#101 – Buddy

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That’s Buddy. He lives above me on Fawn Hill. He’s a sweet dog but he has a problem…Buddy barks.  He barks so much that his owners had to take some drastic measures and they got him a collar that shocks Buddy every time he barks.  That’s the thing around his neck that looks like a camera.  Buddy is no dummy, however.  He seems to have figured out that he can get in three barks before things get too bad.  Or he shakes his head in such a way that the folds of skin minimize the shock and he’ll bark and bark.  Cesar Millan, are you free to visit North Carolina?

Buddy can’t help himself. He’s a rescue dog and heaven only knows what his very early days were like. More recently Buddy shared his penned yard with Old Joe who also barked a lot. Old Joe was blind so part of his barking may have been a defensive strategy. Buddy was Old Joe’s eyes…a stressful job. I know from experience. So part of Buddy’s barking is learned behavior from Old Joe. The other part is expression — happy, sad, somewhere in between — all Buddy knows is barking.

Tango and I try to visit him every day. I take treats and we have a party.  And I’ve seen Tango go up to visit on his own. Buddy is a likable dog and we all want to reassure him that things are okay.  Is it working?  Well, maybe a bit.  All we can do is try.  I mean, look at those eyes…Buddy is the kind of dog that makes you keep on trying. ☙

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