#101 – Buddy

Image #101 (1)

That’s Buddy. He lives above me on Fawn Hill. He’s a sweet dog but he has a problem…Buddy barks.  He barks so much that his owners had to take some drastic measures and they got him a collar that shocks Buddy every time he barks.  That’s the thing around his neck that looks like a camera.  Buddy is no dummy, however.  He seems to have figured out that he can get in three barks before things get too bad.  Or he shakes his head in such a way that the folds of skin minimize the shock and he’ll bark and bark.  Cesar Millan, are you free to visit North Carolina?

Buddy can’t help himself. He’s a rescue dog and heaven only knows what his very early days were like. More recently Buddy shared his penned yard with Old Joe who also barked a lot. Old Joe was blind so part of his barking may have been a defensive strategy. Buddy was Old Joe’s eyes…a stressful job. I know from experience. So part of Buddy’s barking is learned behavior from Old Joe. The other part is expression — happy, sad, somewhere in between — all Buddy knows is barking.

Tango and I try to visit him every day. I take treats and we have a party.  And I’ve seen Tango go up to visit on his own. Buddy is a likable dog and we all want to reassure him that things are okay.  Is it working?  Well, maybe a bit.  All we can do is try.  I mean, look at those eyes…Buddy is the kind of dog that makes you keep on trying. ☙

2 comments on “#101 – Buddy

  1. […] he bites and it can be painful. We, my friend Boni and I, found him on a leaf in the pen where Buddy lives.  He was remarkably fast and I was lucky to get a half-way decent shot of him.   […]


  2. […] my new friend, Buddy. I’ve written about another Buddy, the Fawn Hill Buddy who belongs to my friend Bonnie and lives just above me here on Fawn Hill. He barks to scare the […]


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