Image #130 – A Tear for Uganda

Image #130

One of the beautiful children we cared for during our medical mission. You can’t help but notice how many young people there are in Uganda.  In 2008, 50% of the population was 15 years of age or younger.  The nearly two decades of war took a terrible toll on the country, destroying the broad swarth of middle-age, middle-class citizens that a country depends upon for economic growth.  What war didn’t take, HIV did.  The virus claimed many lives before the government initiated an aggressive anti-HIV program that proved very successful, slashing infection rates from 15% to 6%.  While these statistics have been challenged the infected Ugandans whom we saw were greatly compliant patients. Each had a small notebook with their complete medical history including current medications and opportunistic diseases. Sadly the HIV infection rate is again on the rise in Uganda. ☙

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