Image #128 – Uganda Medical Mission – 2008

Image #128

Recently I saw an acquaintance whom I had not seen in more than a decade. He had heard about my medical missions from mutual friends and was particularly interested in my trip to Uganda. When I told him how much I loved Uganda he asked why and the answer was quick in coming. “The people. They are noble and good.”  Ugandans have a regal bearing that is hard to explain but I feel that several of my pictures captured their spirit. So, for this week of Alice’s WanderLand blogs we will travel to Uganda.  Our mission was in Gulu, which is the largest city in Northern Uganda. We saw mainly women and children, most of whom were HIV+ or had AIDS. In four days the fifteen member team would see close to 2,000 individuals. For most it was a routine visit to a medical clinic. Pills were provided to fight intestinal parasites, vitamins were given for the children.   But for some this trip to see Western doctors was an opportunity for help.  In some cases the result was successful…in others it was far too late.   It was a experience I will never forget. ☙

2 comments on “Image #128 – Uganda Medical Mission – 2008

  1. […] when I describe the people of Uganda whom we treated during our 2008 medical mission I will use the term “regal” and it this picture that personifies that description. […]


  2. […] of the beautiful children we cared for during our medical mission. You can’t help but notice how many young people there are in Uganda.  In 2008, 50% of the […]


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