Image #191 – Snow Event

Image #191(1)We had snow today, at least three inches. It started in the early morning and lasted all day with varying degrees of intensity. I was delighted since it was what I had stayed for–winter.  Photographers want to record experiences and I wanted some pictures of winter. I’m not sure why. I hate the cold but, oddly, snow seems warm to me. Tango and I had a good walk in the early afternoon, up Potts Branch Road to Little Cove Rd.  The snow was coming down  steadily. It was quite lovely.Image #191(2)

Tango had never seen snow and he thought it was …well, who the heck knows what he thought?   He seemed to enjoy it. I could tell he was confused about smells. He would nuzzle his nose deep into the snow, trying to follow a scent. I worried a few times that he would topple over into one of the many creeks that was along our walk but he is too clever for that. In the end, as you can see, he was happy and, like me, enjoying the experience. ❧

Image #191

Image #190 – Bunny and Ellery

Image #190

Frequent readers may recall Image #180 from a few days ago. It featured my 93-year old cousin Bunny with her great grandson Winston. It is only fair to post a picture of Bunny with her other great grandchild, Ellery.   Two great grand babies in one year!  Ellery is the oldest, she was born about nine months ago. Winston followed about seven months later.  Bunny was able to connect with both of them and in reviewing the pictures tonight I was struck with how animated Bunny was during her encounters with these babies. The very old and the very young are similar in many ways. I wonder why we don’t combine their care into one facility? ❧

Image #189 – Dry Falls — Summer and Winter

Here’s another view of the Cullasaja River.  Yesterday’s post (#188 –  Cold, Cold, Cold) showed a peaceful portion of the river but it is more renown for its remarkable series of waterfalls, there are four major falls on a relatively short span of river and all can be seen from the highway that runs between Highlands and Franklin. In fact, the Cullasaja River is solely contained in Macon County.  It spills out of the mountains near Highlands and then empties into the Little Tennessee River near Franklin.  Eventually the water makes its way to the Mississippi River after passing through the Little Tennessee, the Tennessee, and the Ohio Rivers.

This post gives you two very different views of the rather oddly named Dry Falls. There is certainly plenty of water so I was unclear as to why it is called Dry Falls but learned it is because you can walk behind the falls and remain relatively dry — most of the time.

On Friday no one was walking under the falls. The ice was too severe, the way too treacherous.  Quite a contrast to the second photo of the very same falls taken last July. People strolled leisurely under the falls in the warm summer day. ❧Image #189

Image #189(1)

#187 – Got Your Back

Image #187This sparrow, I think it is a White-crowned Sparrow, landed on the handrail of the deck near my gargoyle. During this frigid weather, that has seized most of the nation, the birds are flocking to my feeders in great numbers.  Normally there are waves of birds who will all fly off at once and leave the feeders empty for a while. Now, however, it seems the feeders always have visitors. Some look very ragged and I wonder if they will make it through the night. The wonder is that any of them make it through this cold. ❧

#186 – Florida Sunset

Image #186

That’s my cousin Bridget Perry with her ten-week old son, Winston, watching the sunset at Point of Rocks in Sarasota, FL  It was taken about two weeks ago, just after the first major cold front passed through, affecting about 2/3 of the nation. Now we are enduring the second cold front and I think I posted this particular picture because it is full of hope and warmth–two qualities we need just now. ❧

Image #185 – Life is Good, III

Image #185It became a fine spring day here in Franklin, NC on the 19th of January. The temperatures topped out in the mid-50s and, if you chose your position properly, the wind was not a problem. These two canines–Sweet Pea and Murphy–were clearly enjoying the day on Boni’s deck.  Poor Murphy is an old man. He can no longer navigate the stairs to go and “do his business” in the yard so he pees on the deck and Boni patiently cleans up after him. We should all hope for this when we are old–a warm place in the sun and someone to lovingly clean up after us. ❧

Image #184 – Life is Good, Part II

Image #184

That’s my friend Mary with two of her standard poodles.  Until I stayed at Mary’s house I had never spent any time around Standard Poodles. I can see the attraction to them.  Their intelligence is very obvious and they move with a certain grace that is hard to describe. I was hoping to get a nice portrait of Mary and her poodles but the picture above is as close as we got. Trying to corral these canines proved to be a chore, as the picture below demonstrates. The dogs had other ideas. ❧

Image #184(1)

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