Image #191 – Snow Event

Image #191(1)We had snow today, at least three inches. It started in the early morning and lasted all day with varying degrees of intensity. I was delighted since it was what I had stayed for–winter.  Photographers want to record experiences and I wanted some pictures of winter. I’m not sure why. I hate the cold but, oddly, snow seems warm to me. Tango and I had a good walk in the early afternoon, up Potts Branch Road to Little Cove Rd.  The snow was coming down  steadily. It was quite lovely.Image #191(2)

Tango had never seen snow and he thought it was …well, who the heck knows what he thought?   He seemed to enjoy it. I could tell he was confused about smells. He would nuzzle his nose deep into the snow, trying to follow a scent. I worried a few times that he would topple over into one of the many creeks that was along our walk but he is too clever for that. In the end, as you can see, he was happy and, like me, enjoying the experience. ❧

Image #191

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  1. Hi Alice — I’m not very good at responding to your nightly updates, Alice. But, I want you to know that I do look forward to reading them and seeing your photos each evening. Your writing is always so upbeat, and you often have such a unique way of stating what others might be thinking, but just don’t have your skill at expressing. Thank you.

    What a wonderful companion Tango is for you.

    Hope you continue to enjoy a North Carolina winter. One of these years I hope to get up to the mountains for winter, too. In the meantime, I’m enjoying a much less dramatic Florida winter.



  2. In the frist picture Tango is thinking: Mom have I gone far enough. I don’t want to go all the way up this hill. Let’s go home. In the second photo he is thinking that little building does not look like home; it is not big enough and I don’t think it is heated. Let’s go home. In the third photo he is thinking Thank God she has come to her senses and we can go home where I can lie on my couch or in front of the fireplace. He is also wondering why Rainbow doesn’t get taken out in the weather but gets to stay home where it is warm and dry. Ok, LOL Looks like he is having a good time. You know to dry his feet good and not let snow stay between his pads. If you get lots more snow he should have some boots; the kind that Velcro on. Later M


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