Image #236 – Wild Horses

Image #236(1)

Near Green River, Wyoming there is a road called Wild Horse Scenic Loop. The Wyoming Travel and Tourism website describes it this way:

Here, on the mesa-like summit of White Mountain, the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop Tour skitters roughly 23 miles along good, gravel-base roads. Travel this route and along the way you gain not only many chances to spy roans, blacks, paints, appaloosas and sorrels, but panoramic views of the Wyoming Range to the west, the Wind River Range to the northeast and the Uinta Range to the south.

The website also notes that there are 800-1000 wild horses on the 392,000 acre White Mountain Management Area.  I only traveled about half of the loop but I did see some horses, about 6 or 8.  It is comforting to know that horses run free in parts of this country.  Quite naturally they are a little skittish of humans but I was able to get close enough to snap a picture of this young one. ❧

Image #236

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