Image #263 – Bees

Bee Collage


I was stung by a bee yesterday. The hot, itchy welt on my arm will remind me of that little guy for a few days.  I decided to search my photo library for shots of bees and came up with quite a few so I made this collage.

Say the word “bee” and most of us think of big, fat bumble bees. There are many kinds of bees (20,000 according to one website)  and they are related to wasps. I don’t really know which got me yesterday (bee or wasp) because it was rather small but it had a big punch. It left no stinger which leads me to believe it was a wasp.  Regardless, they are all critical to our well being. Especially bees who, as we know, are the pollinators of the planet.  Oh sure, we smart humans have learned how to pollinate plants but, honestly, the bees do it better and don’t cost as much as Monsanto. So, let’s all do what we can for the bees because, as “Vanishing of the Bees”  has taught us, they are in serious trouble.  And if one stings you get away from the area because once a bee or wasp stings something it releases a pheromone that tells other bees to come quick and sting the interlopers.  You’re the interloper. Tell it you are sorry and get out of their town.  🙂

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