On the Road Again ….

Cue the Willie Nelson music…Tango and I are on the road again.  We are headed out on our second transcontinental trip, from East Coast to West with a few stops along the way.

Today we finally made it out of Florida after driving for close to eight hours.  Florida is a long state, we all know that. But it is also a wide state when you turn west on I-10 and head towards Alabama.  We arrived in Daphne, a bit east of Mobile and are settled in for the night.

For the next few days we will continue west with a few stops on the way.  We need to be in Pueblo, Colorado by Friday…plenty of time before then for some fun and a few pictures with my new Selfie Stick. Stay tuned. 

7 comments on “On the Road Again ….

  1. Lydia says:

    Anyway you may come near Massachusetts?



  2. Craig Hosmer says:

    Safe travels, Alice. Have a great adventure.


  3. Ivy Ruark says:

    Wishing you safe travels, and looking forward to following your journey via computer.


  4. Amie Miller says:

    Hmmmm….. a selfie stick??

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. Marty Eubank says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Sister. Tango looks full of anticipation, and you look centered……all good.


  6. Ken Whitaker says:


    How ironic. I just finished John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie” for the second time.

    Have a wonderful journey.


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