Some pictures I have come across in the past few days.

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  1. Hi Alice,

    Hope you, Marty and Wes are doing well…..Adicus and Rainbow too! Nice collection of pictures thanks for sharing

    Tango was a great traveling companion…..your collections of lovely birds, colorful interesting mushrooms were great and of course I loved the animals…..Bob would have loved the groundhog. (I don’t think I’ve every really seen a groundhog!

    We are doing good…..just staying ….picking up walmart orders every 10-12 days..then washing everything before putting in refrig.

    Dog endless projects and do have 7 boxes ready for Angel’s attic or goodwill and a few boxes of papers to take to take to the shredding place. Today put out 7 huge barrell/bags of limbs etc.

    Doing a facetime Physical Therapy session once a week….knee doing o.k. but my hands are much sorer these days (I’m positive it’s arthritis too

    Been cooking nice dinners….Roger doesn’t ever have much of an appetite but I look forward to a nice meal.

    Stay in touch.

    Susan & Rooger


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