Goodbye to Fawn Hill

Recently my sister and I decided to sell Fawn Hill, our home in Franklin, NC. Purchased in 2012, it had been a residence for me and a getaway place for my sister and her husband. Back in 2019, however, I purchased a home adjacent to my sister in Tampa and a second home in NC became problematic. I spent little time there in 2019 and, because of COVID, I had not been to the property in over ten months. Maintaining two residences was too much. We decided to sell and had an offer within six hours. It is a seller’s market in western NC these days.

Of course I am sad to see it go but it is the right move.

I also knew it wasn’t going to be the same on Fawn Hill without Tango. He really loved it at Fawn Hill and I loved being there with him.

We leave good friends in Franklin and will return for visits. But it is goodbye to Fawn Hill. Thanks for the memories. ❧

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