Image #46 – Blackberries

Image #46Just up the road from me, off Patton Road with a turn onto Louisa Chappel Rd., is a “U-Pick Blackberries” farm. This shot is not from that venue since there has been little time to pick blackberries. All of my energies are focused on picking colors and cabinet knobs. Still, I think about picking blackberries and remember a wonderful time more than two decades ago when I picked wild blackberries with my friend Bunny near Max Patch, here in North Carolina. Today Tango and I managed a walk on the Franklin Greenway, in between the rain storms, and it is there that I took this photo. Between July 1-9 there was 13 inches of rain here in Franklin!  The berries are plumping up nicely with all that moisture. The birds and critters will be happy.  So am I. ☙

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