Image #144 – Changes

Image #144

Frequent followers will have figured out by now that this summer, for me, has been a photographic love affair with mushrooms.  That’s my buddy, Tango, sitting between two spectacular blooms of mushrooms in the patch of land that Boni & Gail call “the meadow,” at the top of Fawn Hill.  This picture was just three weeks ago.   On the right is an, as yet, unidentified stand. They may be Velvet Foot but I’m not sure.  On the left is our spectacular friend, Jack O’Lantern.  Tango’s presence gives a good sense of scale. These are not small ‘shrooms.

Here they are, a bit closer up.

Unidentified mushrooms, possibly Velvet Foot.
Unidentified mushrooms, possibly Velvet Foot.
Image #144(B)
Jack O’Lantern mushrooms

Three weeks may not seem like much time but, believe me, it is a long time ago. There have been many changes. The most dramatic and heart-wrenching were detailed in my previous post, Image #143.   My friend Gail is slipping, bit-by-bit, into that abyss from which there is no return…at least none that we can know. She has talked of the bright light at the foot of her bed. A Reiki master, who came and gave Gail great comfort on Sunday, spoke of the “bright blue light” that is next to Gail.  Change is coming…

On a larger scale, the air is cooler now, frosts are frequent and the leaves have fallen with a thud that announces “CHANGE!”  Sigh …. it is inescapable. Throughout the summer months we trick ourselves somehow, we believe the days, long and lingering, will go on forever. But change is here and in these northern climes it is ever so much more present. Perhaps that is why the elderly love Florida so much. Change is harder to see and there is a sense that change is being held at bay.  As humans we generally hate change and yet, ironically, it is the only thing of which we can be absolutely sure.

And speaking of change, frequent followers will note some changes on this website. I have finally figured out how to create galleries for my pictures. You can find them in the right-hand column. So far I have posted two — one with birds and the other with, what else, mushrooms.  I hope you enjoy this chance to view just the pictures but, of course, I also hope you will stop to read the words. After all, words matter. ❧

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