Image #154 – Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup

The Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup, according to Audubon’s Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, is “Often in large groups, on dead twigs, stems, beech burs, and birch catkins.” That explains the large number of these specimens that were populating the various pieces from our recent tree removal on Fawn Hill.  There were plenty of dead or dying stems and twigs for this fungus to enjoy.Image #154(1) At approximately 1/8 of an inch (3mm) in length is is very easy to overlook this unique mushroom.  The actual cup is only 1/32 of an inch (1mm) wide.  When you get down close to it you see that is is covered with long, white hairs. Just another wonder from the mushroom world. ❧

Image #154

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