Image #265 – The New Meets the Old

Image #265

This feather, likely from an American Goldfinch fledgling,  was shed by its owner, drifted in the breeze, and came to rest on one of the rocks of our stone wall.

About 1″ in length, it was not exactly flashing neon to get noticed. But that little yellow tip caught my eye.

It rests on the wall lichen which is probably 15 years of age.

Just a moment from Fawn Hill… ❧

2 comments on “Image #265 – The New Meets the Old

  1. Barbara Halton-Subkis says:

    Lovely!!!! Sent it to Camille as she so loves blue…blue anything! Foggy grey chilly here…boo…miss July! I know we get warmer temp in April sometimes but it’s summer so seems like it ought to be a bit warmer. ..I know….whining…. ;=)


  2. Lydia says:

    Beautiful picture – what is your address in North Carolina?


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