Image #110 – Grass on the Mind …again

About a year ago I posted a blog entitled “Grass on the Mind“. I revisited it today and a portion of it really jumped out at me.

My passion these days is photography and I LOVE photographing grass. There are thousands of varieties of grass in the world and a lot of them live here in Florida. At this time of the year many are “going to seed” — a phrase we have come to regard as pejorative. But if you get close enough to these grasses you’ll see a world of color and wonder. They may be “going to seed” but they do it in style. Just look at the colors and textures of these two samples.

Grasses-2012 (1)

Grasses-2012 - 2

There are many beautiful grasses here in North Carolina, of course.   I have only just begun to photograph the N.C. variety.  You’ll see their pictures in future blogs.  Life has been very full in recent months what with moving to N.C. and working on this old place.  It seems there has been little time for photography but once again I have been blessed.  Nature has presented a bounty of mushrooms to photograph this year — right in my own backyard — and I have posted many of those pictures. But the grasses are calling me — their rich colors and awesome translucence wave at me in the deepening autumn sunlight. ☙

Grasses-2012 - 3

One thought on “Image #110 – Grass on the Mind …again

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  1. So sorry about Atticus. Trust
    That the right dog will show up.
    God bless Hospice nurses. My sister was one for over 10 yrs, until she died.
    Yes my joints complain as well. A few things I’ve learned: black tea & coffee can affect it (peoples Pharmacy, I think). Also night shade plants: tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, egg plant (not certain about egg plant).
    I’m not willing to give up my coffee or tea yet, so I take generic Osteo Biflex & extra Boswellia serrata. One of the frankincense derivatives. Some people also use turmeric. (Amazon).
    Hope this helps.
    Unfortunately, I think sugar’s on the list.
    I can no longer take nsaids, so take the above.
    Keep well & LOVE the photos! Elli


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