Computer Woes…

To my frequent readers, my daily image postings are in a hiatus because of computer woes. My beloved 8 year-old Mac Pro computer is in hospice care. I thought it had died on Wednesday, the writing had been on the wall for some time. I ordered a new iMac which has arrived and will begin the moving process today. I was able to coax the Mac Pro back to life but it wasn’t happy about it. Hopefully it can hold on a bit longer.
Postings will return in a few days. Thanks to those who took the time to wonder.

One thought on “Computer Woes…

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  1. Oh my, poor old Mac. It has served you so well, Alice. It is wonderful to read and ponder over your daily postings. A new Mac is a perfect birthday gift from Alice to Alice (and to all the readers who enjoy your postings). I’m sure you will make great use of it.

    I hope your travels and presentation all went well, and that more excursions are in your future.

    And do find a fun way to celebrate your birthday. I’ll bet there is a whole new world of nature’s blessings out to celebrate with you today.

    Love, Jan


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