Image #231 – The Small Stuff

Image #231

Spring is about cherry trees, glowing tulips, and forsythia … big, bright things.  But spring is also about very small things. Like this little yellow flower that has popped up all over my driveway. The Roosevelt dime gives you a good idea of just how small it is.  We pass these small things by without a thought. “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” we say. But in the time that I was sitting, observing this flower it was visited by multiple flying insects, enjoying its sweet nectar. Those insects moved on to pollinate other, larger flowers and also become a morsel for the many birds that are back and very busy.  The small things feed the big things and make it all happen.  So, it’s okay to sweat the small stuff sometimes. . . .we couldn’t get along without it. ❧

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