Image #85 – Coral Mushrooms

Image 85

A week of rain has brought another round of mushrooms popping up in the Carolina woods.  Many are familiar from last July but a newcomer (to me) is a good sized stand of Straight-branched Coral mushrooms near our tool shed.  Larger than the Violet-branched Coral mushroom of a few weeks back, these mushrooms seem very robust. It will be interesting to see if they become food for some critter. The field guide states they are “sometimes bitter.” I accepted that and let them be. ☙

Image 85(a)

4 thoughts on “Image #85 – Coral Mushrooms

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  1. Very pretty pictures. When I was little and living in Illinois, my father would take us mushroom hunting in the woods and knew what kind to pick for eating. I was always afraid to try. I live in Franklin now, but have only ever had the more typical mushrooms in the yard.


    1. Thanks Andie. I appreciate your comments. Are you in Franklin, NC?

      Today I found another new mushroom … new for me. It is bright orange and about 1″ in height. Will post a picture later tonight.


      1. Nice to have you stop by, Don. I enjoyed your blog very much and was prepared to become a follower but then I got to the quotes from “Alice In Wonderland” and HAD to become a follower. Alice has been a role model for a long time. 🙂

        Perhaps our paths will cross in Franklin one day….


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