Image #89 – A simple Chickadee

Image #89Tonight’s post is a simple chickadee, grabbing some chow at the feeder. Birds, if you watch them long enough, take on human qualities.  There are the flashy birds–like hummingbirds, cardinals, and buntings. There are the working class birds–the finches, doves and crows. And then there are the not-quite-flashy-but -fun birds–like the chickadee, the tufted titmouse … so many birds!  I love them all, even the drab LBJs–little brown jobbers. My late friend Susan was the first person I heard use that expression. It stuck like glue. There are TONS of LBJs–finches, sparrows, juvenile _________________ (fill in the blank). With age I have come to realize that appreciation is the key, not the species name.  Chickadees or LBJs, I love them all. ☙

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