Image #161 – Watching His Back

Image #161

Squirrels are the bane of those who love to feed the birds.  If you aren’t careful about the type of feeder you purchase you could be hanging a “Free Eats” sign that every squirrel in the neighborhood will see.  My feeders are a mixture of squirrel-proof and non-squirrel-proof so its no wonder that these varmints are hanging out at Alice’s. When things get too bad I take down the easy-access models and the squirrels eventually stop coming.

But here in Western North Carolina things are different.  If you are over-run with squirrels here  you simply get your 22 rifle and start ridding the world of squirrels one-by-one.  That’s what my neighbor has been doing and the neighborhood has six fewer squirrels as a result.  Maybe that’s why this fellow has his back to the post.

A part of me — the urban part — is a little squeamish about this practice. But no one is making me take up a rifle and shoot them. And I have to admit that the squirrel traffic has been considerably lighter at my feeders. ❧

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