Image #162 – Tango’s Happy Dance

Tango's happy dance on an Indian Summer day.
Tango’s happy dance on an Indian Summer day.

Any one who has ever owned a dog knows what this picture is about. It’s Tango’s happy dance…those moments when dogs throw themselves on the ground and, well, they twist and sometimes shout.  It is a moment of unbridled joy.  The joy of dogs is infectious. Every morning I awake and there he is, his chin resting on the bed, his tail wagging, eager to greet the day.  He is joyful EVERY morning.  There’s a lesson there. ❧

2 thoughts on “Image #162 – Tango’s Happy Dance

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  1. When my dog was happy, he runs all around the house doing circles in the couch and smile. I always say he’s smiles like a crackhead ’cause he’s infectiously happy.


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