Image #69 – Hummingbirds

Image #69There are hummingbirds that come to my feeder.  What a treat! You can sit on the porch, with the feeder just a few feet overhead, and the little rascals will zoom in, sometimes stopping to hover and have a look at you. Their aerial abilities are beyond description and, I can tell you, present a challenge to the photographer.  All birds, it seems, have an aversion to cameras. Hummingbirds are no exception and their speed and agility make them even more of a challenge.

I did get a picture today of a juvenile sitting on the feeder. I think this is a very young ruby-throat. They are the predominant species here Image #69(a)but this little guy is still in knickers.  Look carefully at the base of his belly and you can still see his downy feathers.  Good luck little hummingbird.  Live long and prosper. ☙

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