Image #211 – Good Geese!


That’s Caesar in the white wings, feeling his oats I suspect. Caesar is Mary’s new male goose, recently acquired to replace the late and fondly remembered Doodle.  Caesar has been at Mary’s for about a month. I had the good fortune to observe his first dip in the pond.  The ladies were happy to join him.  They splash about and engage in reproductive as well as hygienic activities. Mary has wondered what the geese might look like who come from Caesar mating with the Toulouse geese.  Stay tuned . . . ❧

2 comments on “Image #211 – Good Geese!

  1. Karen Gardner says:

    Hi Alice – great pic of the geese – liked the commentary too. Karen


  2. […] place is fun. We get to do interesting things like feed the cow, Bob, and take pictures of the geese.  Last Sunday a turtle wandered into the yard. I had already encountered a previous turtle and […]


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