Image #198 – The snow is coming, the snow is coming

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinals)
Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinals)

I never tire of these guys (and gals). Cardinals are a special bird.  “Winter’s flowers,” as one friend said. They have so brightened my days. This particular fellow was digitally captured during our recent snow storm. Another is forecast for this week…8-12″ are predicted.  I hope to be far away by then. I am throwing in the towel and fleeing to Florida for a few weeks. There is plenty I can do there.  If I stay here I can watch the Cardinals…which isn’t a bad thing…but life is short and it is best to make hay when the sun shines. The Florida Supreme Court has ruled and medical marijuana will be on the ballot in November 2014. I plan to do what I can to make sure that it passes. Stay tuned.  ❧

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